You built it but they certainly didn’t come.

This is an e-course for creative entrepreneurs who have a website but aren’t seeing the sales they crave…or need.

Convert Your Creativity is a 5-module course that walks you through how to convert your website into a sales-generating revenue stream.  You’ll learn how to brand like a pro across your website, blog, shopping cart, and social media platforms.  You’ll discover which layouts turn lookers into buyers.  And you’ll learn the secrets to writing product descriptions (and taking stellar photographs) that sell your work effortlessly.  Convert Your Creativity shows you how to tweak your existing website so that it seamlessly draws in traffic, converts customers into fans, and allows you to grow our businesses effortlessly.  And isn’t that what we all want?

This course is for you if:

  • Your website isn’t bringing in the money you want…or need.
  • People are only staying on your site for a minute…if that.
  • Your mailing list isn’t gaining new subscribers daily.
  • It feels like you have to pull teeth to get people to your site.
  • Your customers come to your site but never buy anything.
  • You want people to spread the word about your products.
  • You want a shop with stunning photography and compelling product descriptions.

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What’s in our e-course?

Module 1 – Branding

  • Learn how to sync your product/service with your site visually
  • Create a stellar tagline that excites your customer
  • Get serious about your WHY to build a base of raving fans

Module 2 – Layout

  • Learn how to direct customers to your shop
  • Build a killer landing page
  • Pick the perfect incentive for your mailing list to double your subscribers

Module 3 – Product Photography

  • Learn the 3 photos you MUST have
  • Get our best tips for capturing your customer’s attention
  • Create a Pinterest board of inspiration to get ideas flowing for months

Module 4 – Product Descriptions

  • Eliminate obstacles to buy and increase your conversion rates
  • Tell a compelling story with your description
  • Learn how to write for your ideal client

Module 5 – Social Proof

  • See how to garner social proof
  • Leverage that social proof to get press, fans, and tons of sales

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I wrote this course for you!  When we’ve announced our call for free shop critiques on CreateHype, my inbox is flooded with emails from people like you who have a site but are desperately trying to make it better.  They want more sales so they can buy better materials or daycare for their kids.  They want better photographs so they can pitch their favorite magazines.  They want a site that works for them 24/7, letting the world know how amazing they are and how fabulous their product/service is.  I want to help you reach your dreams and that’s why I’ve poured all of my knowledge, expertise, and insights into this course.

Convert Your Creativity gives away all the knowledge I’ve gained over the years working for the likes of business coach extraordinaire,Tara Gentile, the business coach and highly-successful jeweler, Megan Auman, and the jeweler, Jess Van Den, who went from hobbyist to full-time artist in 2 years.  Using their best advice, I went from Etsy to my own website and increased my income by half again over a twelve month span.  I’m now sharing the knowledge I gained from my own move and my years with these business mavens with you so that you can have a website that increases your sales conversions, grows your fan base, and gives you a profitable business.

To sum it up, this 5 module e-course:

  • Shows you how to turn your existing, ho-hum website into a profitable site that allows you to grow your business, connect with more fans, and spread the word about your work.
  • Allows you to work at your own pace
  • Lets you work one-on-one with me to see how to make your shop even better and what steps to take over the next few months to grow your business.

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